The XAP Solution for Property Managers

View our video - Actionable Insights for Commercial Property CapEx ManagersThe Assurance Program (XAP) by XAP 360 is the first of its kind, an enterprise grade solution for multi-family property asset management and protection.  If you want to learn more details, we urge you to set up an online demonstration with one of our professionals.
The broad strokes:

XAP 360 delivers a nationwide network of thoroughly vetted/operationally identical contractors working as one to build consistency across its customer’s entire portfolio.  XAP (the assurance program) is an innovative, proactive program that helps property management companies prevent and minimize risk through continuity and proper oversight

Consistency of XAP certified companies
Whether you have one region or thirty, you can be sure to get the same level of excellence across your portfolio.

XAP delivers 24/7/365 Storm Monitoring
We’ll know the moment your property is hit with severe wind or large hail.

Highest Caliber Inspections
Our drones see more, and our inspectors are formally trained as well with physical inspecting and reviewing drone imagery.

Faster Roof Inspection
 Our drones give us an advantage. We inspect over 20 times faster than a two-man inspection team on your average multi-family property. What took days, even weeks is now a couple hours.

Asset Tracking
PCA’s or Property Condition Assessments allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of all of your properties annually.

Project Planning
XAP providers work with their clients as a team when it comes to repairs and replacements. The goal is to give you the best experience and unload the burden.

XAP providers come with the strongest roofing system warranties available.

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ARTICLE: XAP 360 Welcomes Right Roofing & Siding to its Network

by Ryan Kaz - 7.10.2018
We’re proud to welcome Right Roofing & Siding from the Des Moines region of Iowa into the XAP 360 fold...


Kespry - Technology that Delivers

Part of what makes our solution is our partnership with Kespry, the leader in autonomous drone technology. Their highly advanced system coupled with the rest of our XAP components makes this an enterprise grade solution.

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