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By offering the XAP R platform powered by Kespry’s aerial intelligence technology, roofing contractors can:


Platform Components

  1. Fully autonomous drone hardware solution (no pilot skills needed)
  2. Mission planning app with autonomous flight planning
  3. Automatic processing (no emailing or SD card handling)
  4. 2D and 3D roof models
  5. Automatically-generated roof reports
  6. Unlimited user and online cloud access
  7. FAA Part 107 pilot training
  8. 1M aviation liability coverage
  9. Unlimited user platform training and support
  10. Unlimited file downloads
  11. DIY measurement software (simple & quick)
  12. Unlimited customizable estimates
  13. Worry-free hardware maintenance guarantee (your system goes down for any reason, we send you a new one)
  14. Included co-branded handouts, presentation pieces, and their templates/raw files
  15. XAP nationwide Residential Network certification

"When I adopted XAP 2i for commercial roofing, I didn’t even really consider it for residential. I just happened to have a residential client with a nice designer shingle and steep slopes, so I thought it best to be careful, so I brought my 2i out to inspect with. My first thought was that I wished I had the XAP R for ease and even more speed. Regardless, the inspection went smoothly, and the results beat out what I was seeing when I documented one corner manually. Certain faces were lit up more than others, even those that matched direction. I could see more signs of hail (bruises, granule loss, and granules in gutters) than this veteran noticed in scouring. To my surprise, I realized the roof was in need of replacement once the whole report was reviewed."

CEO - Monarch Roofing

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