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A Bold New Perspective for Asset Managers

XAP blankets your entire property in a point cloud, creating its digital twin. This data is processed through our proprietary AI and machine learning resulting in the most accurate and comprehensive real time PCA reporting developed for the industry.

Whether you manage a college campus, an HOA, or countless multi-family properties, XAP is an inexpensive program (under $800 a year per property) to look after your assets and recieve unparralleled budget forecasting for your roofing.


XAP Program Components

“Objective, precise data in a tenth the time”
— Ron Woody, Portfolio Mgmt Director, Buckingham Properties

Advanced Inspection Process

Inspections that are unbiased and data supported are completed in ½ the time.  Our drone hardware is built to do this one specific task and are not hobby toys modified to produce sub par results.  Reporting is consistent across an individual building to the whole property to the entire portfolio and is not subject to degradation due to human error or exhaustion.  


Due Diligence on Acquisitions

Don’t put your due diligence process in the hands of a contractor that is doing you a favor.  The reporting provided through the Kespry and XAP platform is unbiased and data driven.  Work with the facts and complete the process in ½ the time.


Streamlined RFP’s

The detail of the reporting gives you preliminary budgetary numbers for repairs and replacements. The RFP process has never been easier, your scopes and specs are set at the time of the assessment allowing for real time budgeting.  Having this data prevents any hiccups in the bidding process allowing a true “apples to apples” bid. 


Cloud Based Reporting

XAP360 is always cultivating relationships with multi-regional property management companies. Our partners are given access to a database of existing property management companies in their region.  This database is constantly growing with every provider that joins the network and you as a provider will now be able to profit off of your existing accounts in markets you are not currently in.


24/7/365 Monitoring

After baseline inspections are completed on your properties, we set parameters on wind speed and hail size.  We know before you do if you property has been affected by severe weather.  We alert you if and when something happens and are out to assess the property within 24 hours.


Ability to Quickly Mobilize Vendors

Know your contractors in each market and quickly mobilize them at a moments notice.  Having a centralized program allows for a single point of contact and a streamlined response strategy.