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XAP M delivers the most accurate and complete inspection solution for multi-family roof care providers to attract and offer clients

XAP360 has created a new inspection tool using drone-based technology so roofing professionals can gain more business multi-family property managers. If you’re looking for an all inclusive opportunity to win more bids more often learn more how the XAP M can help.

Efficient Drone Inspections

Autonomous = Efficiency
Draw the perimeter of a building on a satellite map and hit go. The drone does the rest. Imagine flying a 30-building condo complex in hours, not days.

Inspecting from the office

Inspect from the Office
Artificial Intelligence (AI) detections will guide your efforts as you easily notate damages, points of interest, or maintenance needs to share with you clients.

Exact measurments

Be Prepared with Accurate Measurements
Your 99.5% accurate building measurements done automatically after a flight is uploaded to the cloud. All faces are broken down to perfection and the data comes Xactimate ready.

Top Reporting

Deliver the Perfect Report
Your notated photos will drive the success of your sales team whether they want to retain the client with annual re-inspections, advise on a replacement in X years, file a claim on wind damage, and so on.

Gain new clients

Hunt & Gather Clients
With the help of the XAP Marketing Repository, LinkedIn Networking training in Sales Toolkit, or Being listed as a Nation-Wide XAP Provider, you’ll do more than just get your foot in new doors.


XAP M Platform Components

  1. Fully autonomous drone hardware solution (no pilot skills needed)
  2. Mission planning app with autonomous flight planning
  3. Automatic processing (no emailing or SD card handling)
  4. 2D and 3D roof models
  5. Automatically-generated roof reports
  6. Unlimited user and online cloud access
  7. FAA Part 107 pilot training
  8. $1M aviation liability coverage
  9. Unlimited user platform training and support
  10. Unlimited file downloads
  11. Unlimited customizable estimates<
  12. Worry free hardware maintenance guarantee (your system goes down for any reason, we send you a new one)
  13. Included sales training with product videos, handouts and presentation
  14. Access to full marketing repository
  15. Provider network access with monthly best practice round-table meetings with industry leaders
  16. XAP's nation-wide network certification
  17. Automatic detection for roof damage with virtual test squares and roof accessories
  18. Fully-dimensioned wire frames roof calculations
  19. Claims cloud workspace (utilize the same tools as top carriers in the event of a claim)roof visualization tools for inspection
  20. Unlimited Xactimate compatible XML file downloads
  21. Unlimited flights



"It’s important for me to express the immediate difference XAP made. I walked into my first meeting with a property management board and showed them my first flown Condition Assessment report. The roof was totaled, and they were able to see how bad it was for themselves without me having to explain. I left the room with a fresh crop of 24 more roofs to inspect. Never have I been able to get my foot in a large door so easily, and never have I blown away a whole group of rightly pessimistic businessmen. The technology and reporting are precisely what puts XAP in a league of its own."

CEO - Monarch Roofing

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