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With XAP360, one simple subscription gives roofing companies access to the industry’s first full-stack, multi-family specific platform.


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XAP360 disrupted the roofing industry by creating a new multi-family service solution through technological innovations in data gathering and preventative maintenance. Property management companies rely on our nation-wide group of certified XAP providers to deliver actionable insights into their entire portfolio. Take your business to the next level using XAP360’s proprietary tools and strategies.




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Kespry and XAP360 share a mutual drive to transform the roofing industry for the better! Together with Kespry, we are helping roofing companies across the country boost productivity when it comes to planning, bidding and managing multi-family roofing projects through artificial intelligence.

Kespry first to receive Haag seal-of-approval for accuracy

A recent study found an average difference of just 0.6% “Haag’s study showed that Kespry’s roof measurements are within the accuracy that has come to be expected within the industry,”

Kespry Earns Recognition

Kespry earned a high recognition as a John Deere Supplier Innovation Award winner (Award selections are based on four factors, including creativity, feasibility, collaboration, and bottom-line impact.)

Drones at the White House

Kespry CEO George Mathew recently attended a meeting with President Trump, where he presented the Kespry Drone System – reportedly the first drone to be in the White House

Incredibly High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Detect potential damage faster and more accurately than manual inspections or first-generation drone solutions with Kesprys' inspection capabilities.

“XAP is an

— Rob Yeary, Owner, Universal Roofing

Our Platform Gives Them What They Want

The industries only full-stack platform that produces precise granular data from building to property to portfolio. The cloud-based software suite components we’ve developed with our partners at Kespry deliver a high degree of automation in drone flights, spectacular inspection image analyzation, and reporting that goes far beyond any other snapshot of a property. This suite includes the tools needed to build the best plan of attack for the care of your clients’ property while giving them the raw data needed to accurately guide their CapEx decisions.


Sales Training to Tackle the Multi-Family Industry

Finding and connecting with potential clients can be tedious and a time commitment, but we’ve distilled this process for you. Using the time tested and proven strategies combined with our provided tools will reduce your sales cycles drastically. Leveraging simple third-party tools in addition to a roadmap of email templates simplify the entire process.


Marketing Materials to Grab Attention

Think of XAP360 as a base for your marketing efforts focused on multi-family. Our marketing team has developed XAP and co-branded materials for use by your team. From core branding files and guidelines to dozens of social media posts, sells sheets, PowerPoint presentations, introduction videos, and content to use on your own website, the Repository is an ever-growing destination to find invaluable marketing tools.


Forget Leads… These Are Your Clients

XAP360 is always cultivating relationships with multi-regional property management companies. Our partners are given access to a database of existing property management companies in their region.  This database is constantly growing with every provider that joins the network and you as a provider will now be able to profit off of your existing accounts in markets you are not currently in.


The Right Tool for the Job

One use of a Kespry drone on a property and you’ll never look back.  No other provider offers an all in one package.  The hardware was developed to do very specific tasks and is not controlled manually; eliminating the chance for human error.  Kespry, unlike other options, will provide training, support, and maintenance on all drones.


Fly Without Limits

Each flight generates a whole lot of data before the AI even spits out its assessment. Rather than providing drones on a rental basis or limiting your flights, we’ve made the plans unlimited so that you can use the drones for residential jobs if you wish. This is a huge perk for markets with large luxury homes, dangerously steep slopes, or measuring nightmares.


Accurate Estimates Build Trust

Kespry drones are 99.5% accurate with a 0.5% margin of error. Other methods just don’t come close.  Options available to the market now are about 95% accurate with a 5% margin of error! Other drones may be a little better than satellite, but when you’re talking about a monster multi-family project a miscalculation of 2% can cause headaches.


Stay at the Forefront

XAP360 is a modern technology platform that combine hardware, software, and live support. The drones, cloud-based analytics, reporting, offerings, and marketing materials are always being improved upon. Our quarterly newsletters address all changes and advancements going on currently and provide an outlook on what is to come.


An Extra Safety Net from Kespry

Kespry provides a $1 million-dollar liability insurance policy on each single drone. This is a huge burden relief as it protects your finances (specifically the costs associated with injuries caused to others, damage to property, liability for invasion of privacy, legal costs, and more).