About XAP 360

How & Why XAP Exists

XAP, the Assurance Program, was originally designed for one company, Roofing Annex, serving the greater Cincinnati area’s multi-family market. It took several years to develop but once released, it was an instant success. The only drawback that property management companies had was the desire to have an XAP provider in multiple states, across their entire portfolios. XAP 360 was born from the need to expand into a nationwide network of restoration professionals.

360 represents the all-encompassing, business, marketing, and sales support that we provide our partners. It also represents the seamless, unbroken chain of operationally identical service providers supporting our property management clients.

By bringing actual enterprise grade solutions to an industry, XAP 360 is changing the landscape on how service providers operate and how Cap Ex divisions are managed.  It became clear very quickly that the hallmark of XAP 360 was the transparency and ease of operation for our clients.

Once XAP 360 established its exclusive partnership with Kespry, it was time to roll out our offerings and bring on both restoration companies and property management companies as partners.

Our Founders

Stephen Michels – Partner & Business Development Specialist
Stephen has twenty years of roofing business development and management knowledge. Having worked in supply-side management, financial consulting, and business ownership & operations make him extremely unique to the industry and well rounded. His prominence can be attributed in part to his exceptional standards and uncompromising values. Stephen brings his expertise to the table for XAP 360 and sets XAP provider companies up for success.

Joey Michels – Partner & Business Strategist
Joey brings twenty years of roofing industry knowledge to offer XAP 360 and XAP providers. As a business consultant and owner, Joey’s sales teams have done well over a hundred million dollars in insurance claim work for residential and commercial properties over the last decade.  His team at Roofing Annex has achieved the highest possible honor of being named to GAF’s President’s Club for the last 5 years running.  His strategic networking practices and marketing expertise has produced a sound business strategist who believes in keeping a business relevant.

Phil Pratt – Partner & Sales & Development
Phil’s thirteen years in the industry has delivered a measurable record of success in driving exceptional growth and business transformation in the building and restoration sector. He has brought with him an ability to leverage a deep understanding of market analysis, customer needs, pricing strategies and relation-based tactics to build value and exceed customer driven objectives.  Phil continues to market the XAP solution in addition to consulting XAP with 360 partners.

Ryan Kaz – Partner & Marketing Team Lead
Ryan’s background is in branding and marketing but his seven years of focus on roof restoration companies has given him industry leading design skills. He understands the players, the communication needs, and the problem-solving aspects that rebranding and co-branding bring. Not only has XAP 360 and the XAP solution benefited from his design, business development, and product development skills, but our entire network of providers has a team player that can assist in bolstering their own marketing efforts.

Katie Webb – Office Management
Katie has been involved with a multitude of components that have aided the rest of the team in the development of XAP and XAP 360. She provides the highest level of support/ customer service to the team and their clients. She is also an essential part of the onboarding process our provider partners go through.

ARTICLE: XAP 360 Welcomes Right Roofing & Siding to its Network

by Ryan Kaz - 7.10.2018
We’re proud to welcome Right Roofing & Siding from the Des Moines region of Iowa into the XAP 360 fold...


Say goodbye to traditional roof inspecting and tired business practices.

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