XAP 360's Partnership with Kespry

The most important partnership XAP 360 has made to date is Kespry and their drone technology. XAP inspection rely on their stae-of-the-art hardware and software.

Kespry is constantly transforming how insurance, roofing, and construction companies run inspections. Their technology dramatically reduces the time spent on each building/site while improving the customer’s experience. The fully-autonomous system improves safety, reduces loss adjustment expenses, and delivers more accurate risk assessments.

Core Benefits

Looking Ahead

Having all XAP providers on the same system creates the continuity our clients crave. Using a forward thinking and perpetually innovative company like Kespry to keep our inspections at the technological forefront is a huge deal. XAP offers more value across portfolios in a way no other single company can match.

We know a few things that are coming to the Kespry drones and the AI that scans their data that will be big deals. XAP 360 excitedly awaits every innovation release that comes from our partner in this incredible venture.

Kespry may not be a name you know but they are making headlines:

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ARTICLE: XAP 360 Welcomes Right Roofing & Siding to its Network

by Ryan Kaz - 7.10.2018
We’re proud to welcome Right Roofing & Siding from the Des Moines region of Iowa into the XAP 360 fold...


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