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Scan On Demand™ is for roofing contractors, property managers, and other consulatancy services who need the most detailed view of the commercial roofs they care for.

Because seeing is believeing, Scan on Demand reports are made for quick absorbtion of issues and points of interest. Explore this page to learn how your team and clients can benefit from the power of data.

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ProScan pilots fly roofing with autonomous drones

Autonomous Drone Scans

Place an order for scans and our team will fly each property and get a report back to you within the next 15 business days (Rush orders come with a convience fee). Most large multi-family complexes are flown in a single day depending on weather and lighting. Not only does the drone safely fly iteslef, should anything go wrong the drone has a $1M policy to cover any mishaps.

Virtually inspect roofs with ProScan

Virtual Roof Inspections

Our team of seasoned roofing professionals handle the virtual inspection process for you with the aid of AI for measuements and insights on hail. Damage is marked up in the cloud and presented iin the report (PDF document). Your company is also given access to the raw cloud data and marked up flights (building by building "missions"). Explore or add your own notes as needed.

ProScan reports

Reports that Make Sense

A scan summary and recommendations based on the finding are presented cleanly along with full overview images per building, notated close-up images, weather data, and a sample of the measurments collected to refer to.look below to see how images in the reports come through.


Roofing Issues Notations as Seen in Reports

Roof damage

Close-up of blown off ridge vent shingles in need of repair

Roof damage

Furnace cap with multiple hail dings

Roof damage

AI hail detections on West facing slope

Roof damage

Close-up of hail hits on ridge vent and South faciing slope

Roof damage

Maintenance needed for cracked/broken shingle and fasteners in need of sealant

Roof damage

Debris in valleys needs to be cleared

Roof damage

Blown off and wind creased shingles found on most slopes