ProScan Onboarding

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The XAP360 and Kespry teams welcome you to ProScan! The onboarding journey begins here. Everyone in your organization who will be part of the ProScan experience will need to have their contact information entered. It is the responsibility of

If you ever get stuck along the way and don't know who to reach out to, consult the Ask XAP360 link/form at the top of the Resource Center or call 844.XAP.3600


At this stage you will need to upload your company logo in order for our team to build out your standard suite of residential and Add-On commercial marketing materials. We require a vector format (ai or eps file). If you have a brand book to share you can upload it as well.

If you don't have but would like your logo as a professional vector format with an acompanying logo style guide, XAP360 offers this service for $400. If in need, rebranding suites start at $3,000 and include logo, logo style guide, business card template, letterhead, social media templates, and a doorhanger design. Contact if interested.


To get started, you will need a Kespry account. To create your account:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the "Sign Up" tab to create an account
  3. Enter you @company email and a password of your choice
  4. Click the red arrow at the bottom of the form

You will receive a verification email to confirm your account. You must follow the link in the email to complete the setup. If no email comes within 15 minutes, try checking your Spam folder or contacting our technical support team at 844.453.7779.

After the initial setup it could take up to 72 hours to process. While processing, please begin the 107 training by watching all corresponding videos in the next step.

To get started, visit the Pilot's Lounge on the Resource Center or click on this link to our Obtaining your Drone Pilot's License doc.

Proceed to step 6 once you've completed your self-guided training and become certified.

Yes, the irony in having to know how to pilot an autonomous system was funny at first and now it's a pain. We sympathize and thank you for putting up with it. Congrats on your certification!

Next, you'll click on the link below to enter your certification number to apply for your license and start reviewing the Kespry system.


The home stretch is here! The link below will take you to the Kespry Ground School. You'll enter your usual login credentials to be guided on your way.

Please review the full School deck and complete the pre-operator quiz. Once passed, mark the task as done and your Kespry Customer Success Representative will reach out to your to schedule autonomous flight training.

You're almost ready to take off!


Your sales team should be well acquainted with the ProScan Platform and offerings to clients. Now it's time to see how prepared each XAP Assurance Program sales person is!

The answers are all in the sell sheets and videos in your Marketing Kit and here in the Repository - though we put in some questions that actually act as training. The quiz really dives into the marketing pieces, the pitch points, and your understanding of the Program.

Once completed and passed (score of 80% or higher), you'll be ready to deploy the most advanced platform in the industry.


We've put together a printable checklist to get your pilots set for success by gathering pertinent information to make each property inspection translate into a PCA that is produced without otherwise common hiccups.

We'd advise printing out a bunch of copies have on a clipboard per pilot.


The Property Assessment Reports are the backbone of the whole platform. There is no stronger piece the Sales team can show examples of to prospective clients. More to the point, the reports are what will seal the deal to secure a new client after their first inspection.

While the drone saved you time and created an objective look at the roofing, it's now up to you to inspect the roof from your computer and decide how to sell your services. You're basically looking to focus on 1 of 5 things:

  • Get the property on an annual inspection plan
  • Focus on maintenance work
  • Prepare the client for a replacement a few years away
  • Prepare the client for a strategic replacement plan over the coming months to years
  • Advise filing a claim due to hail and/or wind damage

Once you've flown your first mission, we will walk you through the Report Request process and coach you on the finer points of creating a winning report.