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By offering the ProScan™ platform from XAP360™, roofing contractors and the like gain a competitive advantage:

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ProScan pilots fly roofing with autonomous drones

Autonomous Drone Scan

Break free from needing traditional unsafe roof inspections or using hobby drones to capture imagery. ProScan drones require a few simple inputs on the iPad before hitting go. The entire roof is captured and sent to the cloud for processing. Each drone is backed with a $1M liability insurance policy.

Virtually inspect roofs with ProScan

Virtual Roof Inspections

Your team will quickly traverse roofs from a "map" view (full roof top composite). Inspect HD photos with the assistance of Anomaly and Potential Hail detections (produced by Artificial Intelligence). Marking points of interest, maintenance concerns, and weather damage is a snap. Download an ESX file to put 99.5% accurate measurement into Xactimate.

ProScan reports

Free and Premium Reporting

Giving clients a clear look at their roofing needs with unbiased Third-Party photos and hail detections builds both trust and a clear direction for resolve. Reports can be pulled from the cloud or by utilizing a simple DIY builder form that produces an attractive report (PDF). With proper mark-up done by your team's virtual inspector, XAP360 provides Premium report "stitching" for commercial properties to save you time on compiling.

Learn Now & Pay Later

XAP360 is making it easier than ever to prepare for the future! For a small deposit, you can jump-start your pilot training, report training, and marketing plan before the 2022 season. Your annual system lease will begin on March 1. Learn more when you begin the registration process.




XAP R - DJI Mavic 2

The Drone System

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone maintained and supported by Kespry.

"When I adopted ProScan for residential roofing, I didn’t even really consider it for commercial. I just happened to pick up a potential client with a 22 building multi-family complex that needed evaluation. My first thought was that the drone couldn't handle it but I quickly found out how wrong I was. The XAP360 team trained me to virtually inspect the scans and they put together a report that helped me win the bid. Knocking out the preferred vendor with an in-depth report secured 16 replacements and maintenance to the remainder felt amazing! We couldn't be more impressed with the entire platform and the great service from XAP360."

CEO - Monarch Roofing

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