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The XAP drone scan and virtual inspection platform can be your new field inspector(s), marketing assistant and competitive sales edge all in one

Harnessing the power of Kespry’s proven aerial intelligence and purpose built software for roof inspections, XAP360 is providing the roofing industry with a new business approach focusing on superior unbiased data and transparency. Plans all come with common core features for residential focus while pricing is based on the amount of flights performed monthly. Add-ons can unlock marketing and reporting service for commercial roofing professional to transition to XAP quickly and win more bids with professional reporting.

All Plans Include:

Learn Now & Pay Later

XAP360 is making it easier than ever to prepare for the future! For a small deposit, you can jump-start your pilot training, report training, and marketing plan before the 2021 season. Your annual system lease will begin on March 1. Learn more when you begin the registration process.

Plans & Pricing

Base PlanPremium PlanPro Plan



Additional Drones
Pricing based per Plan

The amount of additional drones and Plan determine the pricing. Your sales rep will explain the breakdowns. Note: each additional drone comes with:

  • Additional users
  • Additional training for new pilots and report handlers

Commercial Marketing Suite
$1,000 (Added to first bill)

This suite includes the following plus new or upgraded materials produced that year:

  • 2 Videos targeting property managers
  • Leave-behind flyer & example report
  • Social media posts
  • PowerPoint template/presentaion for PMs
  • Visual assets folder (beautify your website and self-generated pieces)

Pro Commercial Reports
$2,000 Annually (unlimited)

Baseline (first time scan), Annual, and Post-Storm commercial reports are generated by the XAP360 team after providers virtually inspect and annotate HD images in the cloud. Report requests are then made at XAP360.com and the finished reports are emailed within 2 business days after submittal.

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