Criteria for XAP Potential Providers

XAP 360 only takes on one restoration company per region! Those who make it through our vetting process are already at the top of their game, even if they don’t have a big commercial presence.

The following criteria and points are looked at when we do a preliminary to full vetting:

  1. Online presence
    1. Website
    2. Social networks
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Facebook
    5. Other relevant hubs
    6. Reviews
    7. Other mentions
  2. Quality of ratings
    1. 4.2+ average on any review source other than Yelp
    2. BBB accreditation and an A- or better rating
    3. More than 5 quality reviews per main hub (Google, Facebook, BBB, your Manufacturer’s site)
  3. Good standing with clients and partners
    1. 3 recommendations from commercial clients
    2. Supplier(s) are in good standing
    3. Sub-contractors are in good standing
  4. Business license
  5. Proof of liability insurance

Once our relationship is established (prior to contracting), XAP 360 will let you know the other information needed to continue. We try to be as non-invasive as possible, but we do need to really know your business and be certain that you’re ready to be an XAP provider.

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ARTICLE: XAP 360 Welcomes Right Roofing & Siding to its Network

by Ryan Kaz - 7.10.2018
We’re proud to welcome Right Roofing & Siding from the Des Moines region of Iowa into the XAP 360 fold...


Say goodbye to traditional roof inspecting and tired business practices.

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