XAP - The Assurance Program of Tomorrow

We are pleased to introduce you to this exciting and game changing service platform. The XAP 360 team has spent years and countless dollars developing this system, forging partnerships, and proving the concept isn’t just one that works but thrives.

XAP 360 was developed to:

Breaking Down the Assurance Program

The Assurance Program (XAP) is a complete system designed for property managers and owners to have the best asset management and property protection possible. What was once a platform for one restoration company has been completely grown into an enterprise solution for the largest property management firms in the nation down to single commercial ownerships. Essentially, we’re giving them what they want or didn’t even know they wanted but will pine for because it has more benefits than any “custom maintenance plan” they’ve ever had pitched to them.

XAP 360 is also fostering relationships with insurance companies for ladder assist services for XAP providers to offer. We are certain that more revenue streams will come with time!

We cannot cover every aspect of XAP here due to IP protection. To get the whole breakdown you’ll need to sign an NDA before meeting with us, virtually or in person (Apply Now). He is what we can share for now:

What Happens When You Sign On?

The vetting process rolls into the onboarding stage where we set goals, assign roles, and tune up your business engine. From there it’s onto the training and marketing phase. We end with an official launch networking event that we take the lead on putting together. The entire process from our first meeting until the launch should be just about 3 months.

We have a whole partner extranet full of training tools and tips as well as a whole marketing repository to take your sales team to market quickly.

An XAP sales trainer will pay you a visit and our teams will work together virtually to bring your company to full XAP certification.

Criteria to Join XAP 360

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ARTICLE: XAP 360 Welcomes Right Roofing & Siding to its Network

by Ryan Kaz - 7.10.2018
We’re proud to welcome Right Roofing & Siding from the Des Moines region of Iowa into the XAP 360 fold...


Say goodbye to traditional roof inspecting and tired business practices.

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