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The Assurance Program was designed for by roofing industry professionals to serve one company operating in the greater Cincinnati area to grow its multi-family footprint. It took several years to develop but once released, it was an instant success. The only drawback that property management companies had was the desire to have an XAP provider in outside hubs and other states to care for entire portfolios. XAP360 was born from the need to expand into a nationwide network of restoration professionals.

Drone solutions were explored in detail until the right partner emerged, Kespry, out of Silicon Valley. With the ultimate piece of technology in place the focus switched to developing the right type of digestible reporting, adding in valuable sales and marketing solutions to help XAP contractor go to market as fast as possible.

Focusing on the Midwest at first quickly spilled over into Eastern Seaboard and as far West as Colorado. Certified providers were sharing the same successes, and a few had some valuable woes to help us course correct.

Currently, XAP360 is busy expanding its offerings with the XAP R for residential, developing new tools for our partners to source clients, and developing a dashboard for even more powerful reporting has begun.

About Kespry, Our Core Partner

The most important partnership XAP360 has made to date is with Kespry and their drone technology. XAP inspection rely on their state-of-the-art hardware and software to make the XAP R and XAP 2i platforms the success they are.

Kespry is constantly transforming how insurance, roofing, and construction companies run inspections. Their technology dramatically reduces the time spent on each building/site while improving the customer’s experience. The fully autonomous system improves safety, reduces loss adjustment expenses, and delivers more accurate risk assessments.

Learn more at www.kespry.com