PropTech Summit Events for Property Managers are Popping Up Around the US New Sub-Segment of PropTech for Portfolio Management

XAP 360™ and its primary partner, Kespry, have teamed up with XAP providers across the country to continuously put on PropTech Summits. The events are offered for free to regional property managers who are invited by each of the XAP providing roofing companies. Guests will be shown a fantastic evening of networking, fun, plus cocktails and hor d’oeuvres while gaining insights into emerging technologies. Industry speakers, innovators, and local experts will be on hand to explain how various relationships are teaming up to provide new and stronger services to take advantage of.

What is the PropTech Summit?

Each Summit varies a little, but the core value proposition is the outlining of tech driven services regional property managers have at their disposal. The Summit is about empowerment and there’s nothing to buy or sign up for. No sales pitches or bluster, just demonstrations of how emerging technologies can have a positive effect on the management and protection of funds and assets.
The XAP service is outlined and guests are free to sign up for a demonstration of the drone inspection and sample report. Otherwise, there is nothing other than information and swag for the host to share. Oh!... and door prizes.

What are the Locations and Formats?

Where are a few generals:

Why go Small and Regional and Not Huge Events?

The PropTech Summit could have easily become a larger event, but the goal is to:

If you’d like to learn more about event dates and locations or to contact a local XAP provider to request and invitation, please visit