Annual Inspection
The Report Plus Pointers & Ideas New Sub-Segment of PropTech for Portfolio Management

We’ve collectively learned over the last year that XAP reports are the one of the most important pats of the platform. As a marketing tool, examples of Baseline reports (formally PCAs) are often an essential part of getting your foot in the door. Then there is the real report from a property scan – this is the backbone of meetings where contracts are on the line. Property Baseline Scan reports have evolved to better capture and communicate the current needs of a property while offering up greater company branding for each XAP360 partner.

Baseline reports are typically more robust than Annual Scan reports need to be while lacking a control subject (single building scanned annually for comparison). Delivering on the promise of the XAP program means that annual or bi-annual scans and reports are completed. Hence, XAP360 has put together the new template we’re reviewing here. In addition, we will touch on some ways of looking at a baseline to determine how to best categorize properties for future scans.

Download an example of an Annual Roof Scan Report here

The new request for an Annual Report is live in the partner portal!


Annual Report Cover

  • Branding color used with similar feel to the Baseline cover
  • Imagery speaks to a Control Subject
  • If the scan is Bi-Annual we adjust the
  • Reports can see many hands on them so we’re removing the Property Manager’s name here
  • Also shown are the current and original baseline scan dates
  • The request form only needs to know the Property Name and new mission names for this page to be created

Control Subject

  • This page highlights a single unit of a multi-building property, but you don’t need to use this at all
  • If the property is a single building this page can be used or not
  • This building will be selected based on the Baseline and will remain the Control Subject until replaced and possibly after
  • The large property shot points out the Control Subject or the solo building
  • The baseline and most recent image swatches shown are on XAP30 to track
  • The request form only needs the remaining life of the control roof

Photo Book Pages

  • These pages are like those found in the Baseline report but we’re speeding it up for both of us and removing color coding as there may be some comparisons done that make it more confusing
  • In the Inspections Cloud you will need to annotate the new issues as you see fit and spend the time to look back to the prior scan of that building to see if the damage is new
  • If  there is a comparison needed to show something like new wind damage or a severe uptick in granule loss simply type COMPARE into the Name field and then write the description to point out the change so we can grab an approximate image from the prior scan

Overview & Next Steps Page

  • We have a simple graphic on this page to ground it aesthetically as well give a notion work/repairs being needed while being roofing but more than just comp shingles
  • The request form needs a solid paragraph recapping the images shown along with any insights on what damages mean to the future of the roof if not taken care of
  • The request also needs the Moving Forward (recommendations) filled out as bullets to follow the sentence “We advise following these steps to mitigate the risk of damage and loss:”
  • Always plug at least one upsell (gutter cleaning, a physical inspection of something, any maintenance, etc.) and know that we have a final one added in automatically plugging the XAP program of “Keeping an eye on your roofing and continuing to safeguard it from natural disasters is an invaluable endeavor that you can trust when tasked to our professionals. Don’t forget, XAP includes weather monitoring and response in addition to annual inspections.”

What is an Annual Scan?

Unless your state requires that every building be inspected, a scan can be just that – a quick look! Leveraging both a Control Subject and a grading system to categorize properties can make annual scans go much quicker. The annual scan report is a tool like the Baseline. We aren’t saying you must use our report services for any report. Some of our partners take the Kespry data and craft their own reports or simple attach a cover page. We want everyone to do what the feel works for them.

The Power of a Control Subject

Showcasing one roof that is either the most common age, an older group, or a median in damage can paint a larger picture with less fuss. Stick to the bulk or the biggest wave up for replacement that isn’t just a few years out. A control subject brings tremendous insight to the forecast model by scrutinizing changes from year to the next. We’re not saying that only one building be scanned annual, far from it, but one constant should remain and be called out for both your knowledge and your clients… It’s all about the forecasting.

A Grading System with Set Plays

Categorizing each property and marking it as such in your CRM may be the best bet for running annual scans. XAP360’s thoughts on this matter are only conjecture but we highly suggest adopting a formula that works for your own categorizing needs. Here are some points we think need to be considered and understood before you start:

Here is an A to F system example but you might have less, use level names, go color coded, etc.  Just do what makes sense for you! Perhaps you have a higher annual fee option for full property-wide scans. We just want to give you food for thought and truly hope this has all been helpful!

A = Bi-Annual, Control + 1 random scanned (New roofs)
B = Annual, Control + 15% scanned (10Y+ 3tab / 15Y+ Arc)
C = Control + 30% scanned (Like B but for those with maintenance contracts)
D = Control + 40% scanned (Older Brittle & Failing or 17Y+ 3Tab / 35Y+ Arc)
F = All annual (Extreme Proof Case for Sales Push or Paid full property scans)